Amps with meters ...

are just a lot better than amps without meters.

I don't see a need for meters, except as a built in tube biasing aid.  My linestage has a meter on it, but it is primarily there because the builder used an ancient chassis, and without the meter, there would be a big ugly hole in the faceplate. 
I find meters distracting and don't care for them. The only indication that my stereo is on is a led on my ARC preamp and the glow of tubes on my Mac monoblocks.
On another note, the only amp I ever blew up was one with meters.

I like VU or power meters. Also like frequency analyzers when they're well done (which may be seldom), but mostly VU. I have a few pairs and there are times when they're plainly distracting to me, but mine I can completely switch on and off easy, so it's no problem.