Amps to consider for Nautilus 802s

I am running a Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp, a pair of B&W Nautilus 802s, a Music Hall turntable, and a Meridian CD player. When i play CDs there is plenty of power and fidelity. However, most vinyl still sounds weak and the amp needs to be cranked up to get any decent volume. (The same problem happens if i play music from an ipod or macbook).

I am guessing that my solution is to purchase a stereo amplifier. The concentra does have a port to add an amp. Does anyone have a range of brands they recommend? Rowland offers various amplifier options but they exceed my budget at this time.

Thank you,
If your amp has a phonno board, than you'll probably in need of either higher output phono cartridge or higher gain outboard phonostage.
I do have a phono stage. Your suggestion is a great for the turntable issue. Thank you, David
Your vinyl problem is phono stage/cartridge related. The B&W's crave power. So get a Krell, or go Rowland separates! The 802s will sing.
Never heard 802 sing even with big Mac 452.
Take your Mac books into a Dac with true balanced out.
This will fix your level issue.
Your I pod is 1 volt out rca.
Get a Project box or Wadia I pod dock then into the dac.
by going balanced out of the Dac your Amp will rise to
another level
A phono stage with real output will work next.
I had read a few reviews out of Uk all basically stating that Chord electronics are a super match for your speakers. Best