Amps for Maxx 2's

My audiphile friends are certain that my 140W Yamaha receiver will NOT do it w/ the Wilsons. Looking used. Recommendations for amp, pre-amp, source? Thanks
Well I am sure they sound good, but can sound dramatically better. There are tons of threads on what sounds good with Wilson. Do you have a budget in mind? Who set the speakers up? This can have a big impact on sound also...
I tried dozens of amps with mine, from 18w Lamms to big SS amps. I can tell you they like power, lots and lots of power. But they also don't get really interesting without tubes. I ultimately settled on VTL 750 monoblocks as the best match.
Agree with Owl regarding the need for lots of power. They will sound good with moderate power but stellar with big power. I drive mine with a Krell FPB 600c and plan a move to Spectral DMA 360's this year.
Really, Really... come on you got to be kidding Maxx 2 are like $45K speakers, with a Yamaha receiver??? This is a joke right?
The only Yamaha amp and preamp i would play on the Maxx 2's are the Yamaha MX-10000 amp and CX-10000 Centennial series. Those were world class in the late 80s.
Edseal, I'm in kind of a similar situation.
I'm using Levison 33 amps, Levinson 32 preamp on
Bose 901 speakers. LMAO
I think he's messing with us
Pass Labs XA-100.5 Pure Class A monoblocks. 200 watt's into a 4 ohm load. They drive my Watt/Puppy 8's as loud as I would want w/o breaking a sweat. Solid class A sound with a firm grip on the bass unlike tube power amps.