Amps for Magnepan 3.6r

I would like some info on the best amp for my maggies. Also what is better biwiring or biamping with a electronic crossover. I'm considering Bryston either a pair of 7Bs or two 4Bs with an electronic crossover. Does anyone have any helpful hints?
Need slots of current- check out the Electrocompaniet 120 or the 250. amp. They sound and look great.
I have a pair of 3.6's also and spent 6 months looking for the right amp. Bryston is a great way to go and probably the best price performance you will get. I have only heard the 7b's and they are great. The only step up you can make from here is a high power tube amp. The difference is staggering, but so is the price tag. Some tube amps to try are VTL and Audio Research. I am currently running VTL's with my Maggies.
I have a friend who is using Aronov LS9100s (Tube Monoblocks) with the 3.6s with great results. They are 110wpc and compared very favorably to Krell and Mark Levinson amps of over twice the power. I have a pair for sale - $2000 in great shape with new tubes. (retail $6600). Good luck - whatever you do.
You cannot go wrong with a Bryston, McCormack DNA or Aragon amp. A good Class A amp with 250 - 400 watts at 4 ohms. The Mags need a lot of power. I have read reviews in the past on the Mags and most of the good reviews are using one of these amps.
McCormack is a great match with the Maggies, I´m using a DNA-1 dlx with my 3.6´s.
You cannot beat the Bryston 7B's with the Maggies. I use the 7B with the 3.5R's and my friend is using the Rogue Audio Monoblock 120's with his 3.5R's. Both offer excellent sound.
Thanks for your responses. Has anyone heard the Marsh amps with the MG3.6r's?
I have used ARC D115 mkII and ARC VT100 mkII amps wtih the 3.5's with excellent results. In fact you can "quasi-biamp" with these amps (ie. use for example 0/4 taps for the mid/treble and 0/8 for the bass.) These amps are nominally 100W. Thus, it is not accurate to claim that the 3.6's need excessive amount of power to perform up to their capabilities.