Amplifier for Tannoy Prestige

I bought new speakers system Tannoy Turnberry HE and looking for new tube amplifier for them. Can you please suggest me some good ones with powerfull and dynamic sound? it is possible to order Graaf, McIntosh, Cary, Sun Audio in my country but without audition. I'm listening jazz and old hard rock music.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Many thanks.
The French hifi magazine Diapason said one of the best systems they have ever auditioned (they do collective auditioning rather that only one person doing it) was the Tannoy Kensington with T+A V10. They said the V10 synergizes with the Tannoys like no other amp in their experience. Just a thought...
Hi Roger, Excuse me for interrupting. Could you tell me what you think of your speaker? Would it need a lot of space away from the side wall? Can it disappear? I had got a Jadis defy 7 and like to try a Prestige as well. Would you recommends it?
I have these speakers and have used them with a couple of different tube amps. Most recently, I used THOR TPA-60's. Prior to that I used an Airtight ATM-2. The Airtight was spectacular with the Turnberry's and bested the THOR's, IMHO. Either one was really good though.

Luna-I never had much of a problem with placement and yes, I would recommend them. The retro look is way cool too.

Luna-Turnberry need at approximately one meter from side wall to the speakers. Speakers need push-pull amplifier with min. 30 wt. I am recommend this speakers to you!