Amp to Use with Magnepan MC1

I'm sold on Magnepan MC1s for my surround sound but I keep hearing conflicting information about what AVR or Amp will do them justice. I'd love any advice I could get.
I have heard a great system comprising of these speakers and a Harman / Kardon surround amplifier.
Do you know what HK receiver it was?
In my experience, you have "mass consumer" products that peak with Denon, and then Rotel gear generally in the $800 - $1,200 range used. Then you move to mid-fi which is B&K and Arcam in the $1,500 to $2,500 range, used. I just moved to B&K from Denon and found the upgrade well worth the cost. I was indifferent between B&K and Arcam and just went with the one that was available on 'Gon.

The really hi end stuff begins above $2,000 and that is beyond my experience.

Whatever you get, you need power so stay away from anything below a mid-range Denon.