amp to power paradigm studio 100s

looking for input on what to use to power a pair of paradigm studio 100s. i've been looking at the ati 2002. does anyone have experience with it? or any other recommendations?
I have heard the Studio 100's with a Cambridge Audio 840A integrated and a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum tube integrated playing from a Wadia I-Pod dock thru the Cambridge Audio 840C cdplayer.Both sounded really good to me.I have no idea if you would like either,that's a choice you would have to make for yourself.Good luck.
I drove Paradigm Studio 100's successfully with a Classe CAP 151 integrated.
I drove them with a Marantz SR8200, it sounds awesome!
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Right now I have a Yamaha rxv1700 but I'm thinking about getting an integra 40.1
I'm driving my studio 40's with a B&K ref 200.2. I'm quite hapy with it, although I haven't compared it with much.
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I was looking at the 80.1 but was wondering if it was worth twice the
Price of the 40.1
From what I remember to get really good bass from the 100's you need a fairly high wattage amp to control the woofers. I would say a good 100 wpc would do the trick.
I drove them with two Parasound A21 amps and JC-2 preamp, Pro-11 and truthlink harmonic tech calbes. Fantactics and absolute best sound.