amp stands

Anybody have any good ideas on building this type of stand? I have mono blocks and they have to sit on my carpeted floor. Thanks, John
I built an interesting pair of amp stands made from aluminum. They were two 1/8 inch pieces of aluminum with routed grooves in them. They were sandwiched together with marbles in the grooves. Then they were placed on top of tip toes. This is a very good sounding stand--but not a good idea if you have small children or large dogs that can knock the base plates off the marbles. The concept is similar to the symposium roller blocks. It disapates energy laterally (any mechanical energy from the amp itself) but couples it positively (vertically) to the floor.
Check out the Salamander Designs amp stand at It is under the Archtype product line. Very simple design.

Ckeck out granite audio amps stands (granite block stands)
Do you want it to look exotic or look good and function very well? If your answer is the latter here is what I did: Thick maple wood, beveled edges with router, Audio Points screwed into the bottom of the stands (3)/per stand. Stained and finished, your color selection. Audio points (3) under each monoblock. To me it looks good, sounds good, and gets rid of unwanted vibrations. The most expensive component is the Audio Points. Just my opinion, I am sure there are other good ideas out there.
Went to Home Depot and bought 2, 24" x 24" x2" smooth concrete pavers. Sealed them with primer then spray painted a sand based tread paint from Rustoleum. Then I applied a large sheet of damping material I got from NAPA to the bottoms. The things sit on top of 3, 2" high brass cones I got from Audio Advisor. They look fantastic, weigh about 60lbs each and are VERY inert. Best of all the total cost was less than $80 for the pair with $60 of that being the brass points and I had them done in an afternoon.
Purchase 2, 4" X 8" X 16" solid concrete blocks. You can spray paint these with the color of your choice. I would suggest trying your amps with different materials between the amps & the blocks. Cost for the blocks is $1.00 each. You will need two per amp. No time for preparation unless you paint them. These will have a definite affect on the sound of your amps; you will want to experiment what you use between the amps & the blocks. GOOD LUCK!