Amp Recommendation?

Hi all,

I am looking into buying an integrated amp for my system, and am looking for any recommendations you all might be able to give me. Here is my current system: Rega RP3/2M Blue, Clearaudio Nano phono preamp, Arcam Solo Mini (currently this is my reciever - with an integrated amp it would be used solely for its CD player), Arcam Muso speakers, Rel T-5 sub, Woo Audio WA6 headphone amp. I'd like to stay below $1500, and I'm particularly interested in any thoughts regarding tube v. SS at that price point.

I think that hybrid amps are a good choice and two that I have used are in your price range: Jolida and Vincent. They have enough power in the SS section to drive most speakers in moderate size rooms. But, deliver a smooth sound that the tube preamp offers and you can tube roll to taylor the sound more to your liking.
Buy a used tube integrated with 2 output tubes per side that run push pull or ultrlinear for more power. See if you like it like playing with tubes etc. You should be able to find such an amp certainly a Jolida but get EL34s or larger. The other big brand (used) these days is Prima Luna. Peruse the integrated tube amps for sale. I saw many tempting items on another sites' trading section, but alas I mus rid myself of things not get more at the moment. Find what you want soon and really audition. If you buy well used you will get yor money back to try something else you might like better.
I can't give you much advice on SS for that money for twice that yes , so you will need some other Goner to help you there.
For a new integrated SS amp in your price range, the NAD brand has a good reputation.
You may want to consider the Bada purer 3.3 se. Check out the post Bada vs Cayin and the amps that the Bada has out performed. I believe you can purchase from under your budget. I have a friend who travels to Asia alot and he is going to try to bring one back. At this price and the feedback I just have to get it. Best