Amp/preamp shootout

So I currently run a crown xls1500 amplifier with a jolida fusion tube preamp with some small upgrades and a Jolida Tube Dac. I've talked with a high end shop about bringing in my equipment and hooking up to several of their mid grade to high end speakers and doing a shootout. Basically this an experiment to find out if my lowly setup is worthy of some pricey speakers and compare that against their reference amp/preamp setup they have in their demo room. It definitely has the power but is the quality there? We shall see. 

Planning on listening to some Dynaudio Contours, Special 40s, possibly Confidence line and some mid to high end Focals. Should be fun! Will report back with some observations. 
That does sound like fun.  You found a good dealer.  Not many would do that.  Let us know what happens.
I too am using a Crown XLS 1502 as my main amp.
I occasionally wonder what a more expensive amp would sound like.
looking forward to hearing your results.
What dealer is helping you do this test?