Amp or cd player to pair with the Apogee Stage ?

I'm using a Krell integrated amp with the Apogee Stage speakers right now. It certainly sounds nice when paired with my tube phono stage and decked out VPI Scoutmaster turntable but somewhat hi-fi (ish) when playing cd's with a Krell 300 solid state cd player. The Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and Audience AU24 speaker cables helped to banish the electronic overlay but not completely. Maybe instead of changing out the amplifier I should look into a tube cd player? Any thoughts on this or on whether a Krell 150 watt integrated is a suitable amp for driving the Stage speakers?
I am using a tube hybrid Van Alstine and Rowland 201's The Rowlands made an incredibel difference in the performance of the Stages
I'm currently driving my Stage with a Manley 50W monoblocks with great dynamics, firm bass and airy soundstage.
Perhaps, you should look at some good design tube poweramps and audition it with your Stage. Cheers.
You should post the question to the Apogee forum. You will find many who can give you answers there. Bob (scintilla owner)
here is a better link:
I power my Stages with a DAC4800A 350wpc ( The Source is a Shanling t200 sacd. I enjoy the sound greatly. Using the tubes (westinghouse upgrades0 renders the sound a bit softer/smoother. The ss output is crisper and sharp. I enjoy both formats.Acoustic/female vocals/piano with the tube outlet. Music with deep base and complicated passages I prefer the ss output. I must confess I do have a Van Scheikert vs1 sub.