Amp Help ICE or Class D

Hello I recently lost my SS amp and was wondering about these new generation of amps and how they compare to some of the solid state amps? Ps audio, Mccormack, Musical Fidelity Ect. I am drving mirage m3 speakers through active mc3-t preamp. Any help would be terrific.
Well, All I can say is that the Channel Island D-100 has received some incredible comments and it offers a money back trial period. There is also now a 200 watt version.

I own the Channel Islands VMB-1 mono-block amps and they are VERY GOOD for their $995 pricepoint. I have read that the D-100 is even better.

Order a pair of Channel Islands D-100s. You can't go wrong considering Dusty offers a 30 day money back trial period.


The NuForce amps are the real deal in switching amplifier technology. They've outperformed every amplifier (regardless of type or class) I've ever heard or used (to the best of my recollection).

Do yourself a big favor and try them.
Hey Plato,
Very interesting indeed!
Any idea when the NuForce 350 watt amp will be introduced?
Heard a pair of NuForce amps recently. Analog switching type. Not sure I agree where you're coming from, Plato, as you did not say what they were compared to and describe the rest of the system.
They've outperformed every amplifier (regardless of type or class) I've ever heard or used (to the best of my recollection).

I'd be interested in knowing what all of those other amplifiers were, Plato. And the rest of the system, and type of music as well...
Oldcar63 - not sure what your budget allows but the offerings from H2O Audio are another choice. Good info can be found on A'gon regarding the M250 and S250 amps.
Better watch what you say, Plato...Muralman1 and his H20 Signature may be lurking around the corner...we definitely DO NOT want to get him started again!...LOL!
I agree with Plato, without having access to other amps. Is that important?
Sorry Audio girl... Hey Boa, when I get my new preamp, all components will be be first rate. You will have to come over. Let me know when you want me over to your place to hear your knew Klpschorns.

BTW everyone, the H2O has been compared to Nuforce amps.
As Muralman says, the Nuforce and H20 have been compared. But on 1 ohm Apogee's, which is not a useful comparison at all for the majority of us.

I am more interested in seeing how the Nuforce, CIA D200, H20 compare on your average 90db speaker.