Amp for Vienna Acoustic Mahlers

My choice in amps for the Mahlers have come down to the following:
Mark Levinson 334
Pass Labs X250
Jeff Rowland 112

Any opinions on these choices (please only on these choices)would be greatly appreciated.
DON'T OVERLOOK A TUBE AMP/PRE AMP SYSTEM!! I'm running tubes with my Vienna's and the sound is superb, they seemed to really open up and produce that true to life sound I was looking for. Everyone noticed the difference immediately! I realized that solid state hurts my ears when loud, tubes did not.
Samlor2, I have a new Rowland Concentra II, the 112 and Synergy in one box. I have also heard the seperates. While I can't say if it is right for you, I would definately suggest you at least give it an extended listen. I have been through many amps in the last few years. The Rowland, while not the most dynamic (not lacking dynamics, just dynamic enough that it is never in your face), is by far the most musical and transparent, with great low level detail. It allows me to enjoy much more of my cd collection. It is the first amp I have owned (all solid state) which I enjoy more everyday. I find the Levinson amps to be more analytical and dry. I am not familiar enough with the Pass, to comment. Just for reference, I have owned Krell, Plinius, Sim Audio, and Classe, amoung others, in the last two years. The Rowland is staying. Any questions, feel free to email.