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mbl fan club
It's the best speaker in the world for the money!Why beat around the bush, buy them now and start enjoying the music! 
Any comments on the MBL 121 Compacts
They are the best sounding speaker under $20k that's where the MBL 116 speakers are priced. I have listened to everything out there for the last 20 years, compared to MBL other speakers are just cheap drivers in a box. I assume you know the driver... 
Amp for Vienna Acoustic Mahlers
DON'T OVERLOOK A TUBE AMP/PRE AMP SYSTEM!! I'm running tubes with my Vienna's and the sound is superb, they seemed to really open up and produce that true to life sound I was looking for. Everyone noticed the difference immediately! I realized tha... 
Is there a Musical HT Receiver....?
Denon and Nakamichi hurt my ears It's the EAD 1000 that's sweet like tubes. 
Please Help: High-End car audio
I bet your problem is the head unit or amp. I just picked up a Sony ES CDX C-90 and WOW! The reason is digital to analog processing. The CD just has digits on it and you can't listen to numbers you have to convert them to sound. The C-90 uses 4 Bu...