Amp for Tannoy DMT 15 II

Hi again,
Well, I started with a wrong thread asking about an amp with 110/220V possibilities but then realize a step down transformer will not be a problem for the purpose.
So, please, advise me on used amp around 1K $ for my new DMT 15s – they are quite sensitive (98dB) but Tannoy recommends more powerful (high current?) amps.
I intend to not use pre-amp for now and my current Yamaha CD is for upgrade too.
Is an integrated amp a good way to go?
The music I like is rock, electronika, acid jazz.
Any suggestions, please?
pass aleph 3 or aleph 5

levinson m29 (rare)

bryston 3b
Get a small wattage SET amp, check out the 2a3 monoblocks from Wright Sound, I forget the modedl number. If your speakers really are 98db, don't go with high powered ss, go with low powered tubes. You'll thank me later!
There are two ways to go:

1. 100 or more wpc high-current solid state (Meitner MTR-101, Quad 909, OMC 500 or 800, any quality amp that doubles its output from 8 to 4 ohms)

2. 2A3 or 300B tube amp

Each approach has its promoters and critics.

A good recording studio would biamp and use up to 2000 wpc on the bass and 1000 wpc on the highs.

I prefer approach 1, the pro audio approach, but like I said, depends on your taste and your budget.

Basically, the DMT 15 will perform well with any quality amp: just remember, they won't "gild the lily": you'll hear just what your components deliver to the speakers' inputs.


No question in my mind having owned two pairs and compared other amps - The Perreaux 9000B is the best choice if you can find one.