Amp for Maggies

As I understand, Maggies do well (better) with high current amps. My first introduction to the speaker line was a friends IIb driven by a Quad 405. What other amps are considered to also be high current? Thanks Dave
The BAT vk-200 is generally considered high current. I've used mine for about the last nine years driving my 1.6s with terrific results. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm also using a Vandersteen 2Wq sub, which rolls off the bass signal to the amp starting at 80hz, so the BAT isn't working as hard to drive low end in the Maggies.
What model Maggies you use?
In general higher powered class D amps are likely to work well with larger Maggies like the 3.6. Spectron Musician 3 series for example, or JRDG Continuum 500 should give you lots of authority, bass control and refinement. If you prefer a slightly cooler presentation, try the NuForce Ref 9 V2 instead. JRDG 501 will also give you lots of control, but may sound a little cooler than Nuforce without the addition of a pair of JRDG PC1 external AC2DC converters. Lower power digital amps like the JRDG 201 monos should probably be limited to the smaller Maggies like the 1.6s. . . they do run out of steam on the big 3.6s. Guido
I have had great results using a pair of fpb 350 Monos from Krell. I use a separate Krell KSA 150 to run the center and sub but the sub doesn't get much work since the 20.1 Maggies don't crossover to the sub until 40 db. Given that the Krells pump 700 watts into each Maggie (at 4 Ohms) there is plenty of reserve power. I hope you enjoy those Maggies as much as I do. . .they're a bargain if you have adequate room size for them.
PS Audio GCC250 is my choice w/1.6s.
I run them full range w/sub x-over at 45hz.
The PS is an ICE ASP500 module amp.

I have two answers:

1. Spectron Musician III SE stereo amp
2. Spectron Musician III SE mono-blocks



I've owned (and still own) various models of Magnepan speakers. I've used both tube amps (e.g., Sonic Frontiers Power 3 SE, Quicksilver V4s) and SS amps (e.g., Adcom 545, Odyssey amps, and ? - can't remember now) on them. You do need lots of power for Maggies and the model Maggie you choose will impact the power minimums (i.e., 3.6R and 20.1R require massive amounts, while MMGs a lot less) and type of amp (some folks find the ribbon tweeter Maggies more easily sound harsh/strident with low quality SS amps). The best of the lot for me was easily the Odyssey Stratos Extreme monos - warm and musical sound for very little money. Many Maggie owners posting on the Planar Asylum, a very good source for info on this subject, like Pass Labs amps. Switching amps provide the power but the jury is out on whether they sound good. Other factors are your room size (large v. small?) and music choice(s) (rock v. chamber music?). Good luck.
Do consider a Moscode 300 or 600 power amp. It is the best of both worlds of tubes and solid state. But if you want the latest in that group choose the Moscode 401 I believe it is called. Tube and solid state and they all drive the Magnepans very well. The 600@300 watts per channel is a perfect match and will handle the loads you require and 401 is even better than the 300 and most likely exceeds the 600in sound quality but a little less power. You get a very wide soundstage that is magical and a very liquid presentation. You must experiment with cables. Once you lock in it will be hard to find sound better than this. Good luck
A Pass Labs X or XA.5 with enough power depending on the Maggie model for SS, a CAT JL2 for tubes.
Magnepan Users Group (MUG) really got my attention.
Some of the tweaks and X-over mods/suggestions are Great.
I found photos and an original ad for my MG-1s there, with 'wings' on the stands I hadn't even known existed.
audio research vs110- this good combo with Maggie 2.7s
For SS amps, the ARC D300 was very good as is the D400. But the best sound requires lethal voltage....tubes, at least 100wpc. I like the Quicksilvers on my 3.6. The best by far. I have also tried Electrocompanient, Nu Force Class D...too bright and SS sounding, and even the CJ 55 sounded good, but limited in loudness due to the 55wpc limit. Go tubes....
Always try Audio research first with Magnepan. Then try the rest...

There is a magic with ARC and Maggies. You may suffer in that last bit of bass control a little with them, but all other areas will reward you with beautiful music.

There are lots of things you can do to bring the maggie to life. See MUG.
The Parasound JC-1s would offer plenty of current.