Amp for JBL 4312 SE

Could anyone recommend a proper amp to drive my 4312 SE speakers. I now am using a QSC GX5. Not enough bottom end IMO.
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What are you thinking about for the budget and new direction? And how big is your room? 
I currently am running JBL Studio 580s with a Mastersound Duventi, and the Duventi gives my JBLs excellent base authority and really helped tame the top end which was an issue in my room. 
The power ratings on the 4312 SE and 580 are the same at 6ohms and 90db, but designs are significantly different, so it's hard to say if they'd be a good match with the Duventi. However, the 4312 SE state they are rated to perform down to 10 watts, so it could be a good fit. 
Finished basement, set up area is about 14x14 with drop ceiling. Very tight budget that's why I went QSC. I am looking to get more punch out of the 12" woofers. 

Thanks for your response!
Aragon 4004 will do it.