Amp for Dali Euphonia MS4?


Do these speakers enjoy tubes somewhere in the system? What about wattage? 20-40W ok?

Thinking of tube amp.

Hello ,greetings from Australia...
I heard the Dali MS5 in Europe on 2 long good demos...first time with tubes,100 watt Consonance,very impressed,second time with Mark Levinson integrated...I much prefered the tubes and asked the second demo to switch back to them after 30 minutes...I think you want a 100 was a relative,small demo room and I nearly bought the MS5...very good speaker,but I decided on the Horning Alkibiades...
Hope this helps
I 've heard them doing very well with Sphinx project18.
MS4 is easier to drive then MS5. Tube amps are more then welcome for this speakers. Think push-pull rather then SETs-ARC VT100MkIII,Mcintosh MC2102 or MC275, Conrad Johnson LPS70 etc. Solid state-Pass X250.5 or Plinius SA102( something warm sounding ). The best sound that I've heard them was with Pass XA100/X1 combo( MS5 ).
Many thanks guys...

I would love to go back to special combo was a lovely Class A SET and Proac Response 2.5 speakers.

I'm sure the Dali can eclipse that combo..but i want speed, warmth and detail. Will check out Pass and Plinius...looking at Belles power and Eastern Electric minimax pre.?

YBA, is another hot ticket for the MS4's in my opinion it may be the best, tubes take away a great deal of bass and a sense of clarity and the Pass and the Plinius are abit cool and overly detailed if you know what i mean....

other lesser choices Classe, Sim Audio