I am interested in the Dali Euphonia SM-4. I really like their look but am not able to audition them. Will they play rock that is detailed with tight defined bass and highs's at low volumes? Room size 16 X 20 amps are a pair of Pathos Classic 1's bridged so about 140w per channel, cd source. Thanks so much for your help.
To me, they sound as good as they look ,and I think they are beautiful.They reveal plenty of detail,but do so in a unforced, non analytical manner. I've had mine for almost 2 years, and the bass they can produce still amazes me. They can rock out when called upon, but also bring a small acoustic trio right into the room. Best of all, the wife loves the look of them also. I dont know what you are using now, but I would think they would sound gorgeous with those amps. Good luck.