Amp for below 105 Hz

I'm looking for a very musical amplifier to drive a 4ohm, 12" woofer, from 105 Hz down.
One with adjustable gain is preferred but it is not essential. [I'm still waiting for the manufacturer to tell me what the gain is on the other amps in my system.]
I'm looking for musicality and nuance over slam but a combination of the two would be nice.
If I was to choose between 'big bass with lots of bloom' and 'small, tightly controlled bass', I would choose the former.
Exlibris - I'm assuming that you need the amp to drive the woofers in your 101Es.

A friend of mine, who is also present on this forum, but apparently does not post much, tried a bunch of amps to drive woofers in his 101Ds.

To his surprise, the best amp he has found was Belles. Before that he tried all kinf of stuff, from 500W cary monos, CJ 350SA to Spectron Musician and varous class-D amps.
Get a ballsy SS integrated with remote. Then you can adjust your bass gain to balance with the midrange from your listening position. Plinius would be my choice.
You assume correctly, I need the amp to drive the woofers in the 101Es.
"Belles," that is a surprise. Do you know which model he's using and if the gain is adjustable?
I have a Crown K-2 that outperformed everything else I've tried in my Zu Definitions. They have 4 - 10"ers per side though.