Amps for MBL 121 Speakers? Tube or SS below $4k

I'm about to receive my pair of MBL 121 speakers. They have a 4ohm impedence, and operate at 82db/w/m. Crossover frequencies are 600/3500hz. Recommended power appears to be 280wpc minimum.

I'm guessing I will need more power to drive them properly (I currently have a Red Wine Audio 30.2, which is quite nice, but at 30wpc, is probably not enough to do the speakers justice).

I've always loved tubes, but am guessing it will be difficult to get the requisite power with tubes if my budget is $4k, so am open to solid state designs. Any recommendations?

Options I've considered include Pass Labs (250.5 or 350.5 - stretching my budget for the 350.5, but maybe worth it?), Plinius (300/301 or SA250) or Bryston 7BSST or 14BSST, or just 4BSST.

Any advice welcome, especially from anyone familiar with the MBL 121.

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The best match for MBL speakers below $10k is Spectron Musician III Signature. Half of their owners have MBL speakers.

Look with 82 dB sensitivity to hear piano fortissimo undistorted at 10-12 feet from your speakers you will need about 2kW peak power. How many amplfiers at your budget level can deliver it ????

All The Best
Hi, I'm using Rowland 501 with Synergy 2i more than enough power to drive my MBL 121. Recently added the new Rowland PFC and took control and transparency to another level.