Amp connection question

I'm going to be adding a center channel speaker and am looking at inexpensive used amps on c-list. My question is can I, and is there a benefit to, splitting my single center channel rca output on my pre-amp and running it into both left and right inputs on an amp, then bi-amping my center channel? Would this work and is there a benefit to doing this? Thanks!
Center channel sux
Lol, it's for when I'm watching movies with my girl and I'm not sitting dead center in between my speakers. I'd like for the dialogue to come from the center. Thanks for the helpful response though!
But if you are not listening to a movie at theatre sound levels they just are not loud enuff especially if you have 1 with like a 4 inch speaker
Slikric, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Why don't you leave this discussion to those who do?

Back to the OP, yes you can do that. Will there be much benefit? Hard to say. The better your center channel, the more you may derive benefits from bi-amping. I would try it non-bi-amped at first and see how it works for you...

Slikric, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Why don't you leave this discussion to those who do?
I do know what I am talking about ya jackass shitbred being that I have tried the center channel thing.
Wow, sounds like a couple of ya'll didn't get any last night!!!!!
I'm not trying to start an argument here, but I often find that center channel speakers often have trouble keeping up with the rest of the system. A different solution that may work in this case would be, if you have 2 available channels, you may want to consider getting a pair of speakers as your center channel. If you put one speaker on each side of the screen and run each one full range powered by their own channel, it will put a very strong image in the center of your screen. To get an example of what I'm talking about, listen to a mono recording. That will be pretty close to how a center channel will sound if done this way.
Thanks Zd, I never thought about using two speakers onthe sides of the t.v. I already have the centrr channel though. It was part of a trade when I went from paradigm studio 60's back to studio 20's (preferred the 7" driver over the 5 1/2"). Anyways, the center channel is a cc490 and it seems to be decent. I'll be crossing it over at 80hz and want to send it alot of power so it should be okay. My main thing is two channel music anyways, so the center is just a bonus. Eventually I will want to get another classe ca-150 for the center channel so that when I'm not watching a movie I can just run the ca-150's bridged into my front left and right speakers but in the interim, I might get a b&k st 1400 for center channel duties and was wondering if it was safe to hook it up as descibed above, and if there would be a benefit to that style of connection also.