Amazing audio file at only 16/44

I discovered an album called "Hang Around" (not available on any streaming service) through an interesting article (here) on 6 Moons. To summarize the article, Tony Minasian at Tonian Labs has managed to record a CD at 16/44 that sounds spectacular. No need for 24/96. I contacted Tony ([email protected]) and purchased files for this CD and another one that he did with the same recording techniques. They both sound spectacular. I asked Tony whether I could post one of his tracks so people on the Audiogon community site could test it. He agreed and you’ll find the track “Argisht” from Hang Around here. Let me know what you think! I sure wish other recording companies would adopt his techniques for non-compressed music.
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This guy obviously put’s an extraordinary effort into
- capturing the venue acoustics
- capturing the timbre of the instruments
- the equipment selected for the recording/mastering process.
- attention to detail

Have you tried any music from the Tacet label?

Not sure if their tracks are compressed, but they are very fine recording

The go to some extremes on most of their albums - from...
- selecting the perfect venue
- selecting specific analogue/tube recording gear
- the use of very specific microphones
- and so much more

Their cover notes can make for some very interesting reading.

The only part of the process where I see Tacet’s vinyl recordings require a rethink - the grooves are cut too close together, so the sound from the adjacent groove is often picked up by the stylus and quite noticeable

But their digital offerings should be free from that.

Thanks for making that track available.

Regards - Steve
Wow thats great dude.
Very  nice indeed. Thank you mifanning ... 
I got both albums from Tony (Hang around and the percussion one) and I agree that they sound terrific. Up there with the best.