Amati owners?

Hi, I am looking forward to meeting other Sonus Faber Amati owners out there to discuss how to get the most out of them. Please drop me an email or post here. ( (
i have a pair,i drive it with vac 140 amps they are very good speakers but not easy to get the best from them.they like tube or very fast ss amps.but never use under 100 watts.did anybody try some special spikes or platform under amatis?
Dear WS,

I am driving the Amatis by Goldmund 29 and is quite okay in terms of power requirement in my listening room of 11 ft x 8 ft. My impression is Amatis are never too colorated and I am satisified with its bass performance (of course very terrible right out of box but much better after 2 months).

My amatis are only 3-4 months old and I have tried different preamp with it since then. I found their mid-high is very transparent, and some people may find it on the thin side. Preamp tried are Audionote M6, Nagra PLP and Conrad JOhnson 16LS. I found that with Nagra the sound is too clean, too analytical, while for M6 the sound is too forward, too solid, and too rush (I mean M6 is not very good at analysing the music between the notes) however sound sweet and better texture. For the 16LS, it is the most average preamp among them which gives a bit of warm but yet transparent soundstage, and best dyanmics contrast.

From your system, I really envy your ART and I would suggest you to try out Goldmund 29.4 or millenium ($$!).

For the front source, I would avoid equpment with too neutral or noncolorated in characters. I little bit taste or musicality would make the speakers sound better. For the cables, I tried some silver cables such ANVZ, Siltech, etc and found them a little bit on the bright side and make the Amatis sound thin. I am now using ANVZ, XLO LImited edition and some Mogami interconnects.

Hi adsal and twinstick! glad to meet you both.
Like twinstick mentioned, I find the Amati very much on the thin side too. I finally had it professionally measured (speakers in room freq response) and found that there is a huge suckout region from 140Hz to 500Hz. HUGE, i mean by 20db! (I can send you the graph). No matter how I move them and locate them, same thing. This pretty much corresponds to the Stereophile review's finding, only much exagerrated in my room.
I had the Guarneri. They are MUCH more musical. It seems like the Amati is a huge departure from the G's audio goal.
did anybody listen amatis with sonus fabers musica integrated??we tried guarneri with goldmund 29 ,sound is wonderfull but thin.i think best choice is tube for amatis
belive me i had too many speakers (soundlab,proac 4,wattpuppy,b&w.....).and i m happy with i told you before its a difficult speakers.they are looking for too much synergy with cable,amps and suggestion is call sumikos people or call robert stein from cable company
i too have my fair share of speakers.
i am quite lucky to live in Hong Kong. the amount of equip we can audition within walking distance is quite shocking. yes i have listened to the musica. and no, they did not help the problem i think the amati design suffers. i would love to 'stand by' my decision of chooing the Amati, but they certainly have their problems. I try the Amati with CJ, ARC, Graaf and other tube amps. NO component would add 20db to the 140Hz to 500Hz region.
What is your current system?
tried. prefer TACT.
if you have a dont have a problem!!!!