Alon vs. Triad vs. ???

Am in need of a pair of surrounds for my HT. Due to layout, I need something that can wall or celing mount but must have all drivers on the angled faces. No 3 face or 180 degree designs need apply.

I am running Dynaudio Contour 3.3s in the front with a Contour center channel.

Have not been able to audition either the Alon Centris or the Triad onwall Gold but understand both are excellent and both fill my design criteria.

I have heard the Triad In Room Golds and they are nice but not up to the Dynaudio standard. They are also about twice as expensive as the Alons. Alon (Acarian) has a great reputation and I have heard and liked some of their older designs quite a bit.

I am leaning toward the Alons due to a better timber match and less $$$.

Interested in opinions of these or other similar designs.
I like Alon speakers for surround. I used to have the C-1 center channel. I am funning 7 channel surround with Alon II mk2's for side speakers and Alon Petites for rears. This setup sounds great with my Acoustic Vieanna Mahlers (for L/R) and Vienna Theatros center channel.

Thanks for the response.

Any other opinions? Suggestions?