Aloia Amp Question

I just purchased an Aloia 15.01 amp with separate power supply. The power supply is extreamly heavy and my instincts says to stack it under the amplifier. However, the amp is deeper and doesn't set well on top of the power supply. They would actually stack better with the heavier powersupply on top. Does anyone have this setup, and if so, how have you positioned these two units.

Secondly, from a heat standpoint, can I get away with putting these units in shelving with very little space above them (approx. 1")? Thanks.
I pit the power supply on top and had no problems. It does trow off some heat so be careful where you put it. do you like the 15.01 amp? I have heard it's killer at that price point...
Insane low used price for an amp of this Quality and construction. It was one of the best solid states I have heard