All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...

What is a "proper" tweeter?

I use a TAD 4002 for my tweeter driver, is that a decent tweeter?

To Russ:  What happened "back when" is Roy auditioned the Jubilee's at the Klipsch Pilgrimage in (I think) 2006.  He played the intro of the Eagles Hotel California.

Before that first "BOOM" in the very beginning, I knew I loved what I heard and turned to the guy standing next to me and said "THAT is what I've been looking for"

I bought a pair a week or so later.

So the pair that I bought were the "commercial" version (industrial black) bass bin.  What they then did was took the "midrange HORN" and removed the midrange DRIVER.  They also removed the tweeter HORN (K510) and MOVED the tweeter DRIVER down to the midrange HORN.

So you could have instead, simply bought the "stock 3-way cinema Jubilee speaker" and had all the parts I had.....listened to it in both 3-way format and 2-way format and picked your flavor.

A couple years later, Roy came out with some curves about changing to the TAD driver.

So the units I have could have easily instead gone to a cinema except for the upper horn changes.  By the way, the only reason you really want the 3-way is for raw output.  For HOME use, I'm here to tell you that the 2-way is still fully capable of tucking your tail between your legs and push you out of the room should you get stupid with the volume.

AND, it will still sound fantastic while doing so.

I've since added a Danley DTS-10 and (though rarely used) have LaScalas as my rear speakers.

Huge scale of sound as quiet as you want or as violent as you dare.
They have since added what has been called a "beauty panel" to the front of the speaker.  I happen to like that look but, it wasn't available when I bought mine....  like Henry Ford said, you can have any color you want, as long as it's black.
how much $$ ¿¿
all your klipsch are belong to me

Have to say.....Worst new product launch in the history of audio. Announced in Jan 2021, now November...and ZERO information on. Unless you want to dig around for hours in the Klipsch forum. Klipsch needs a new marketing firm. It’s almost like they purposely don’t want to sell them... weird. Cool video though.

I'll be at Audio Video Therapy in Nashua NH today at 5. Roy Delgado will be there to demo the Jubilee speakers. Should be interesting.