All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...

How is it a game changer? Large two way with active crossovers. I think JBL did that 4 years ago.
What's really noteworthy about the upcoming domestic Jubilee's is their size, not to speak with diminishment of the MF/HF compression driver used (a seemingly modified version of the Celestion Axi2050) and its accompanying tractrix horn that controls directivity to about 500Hz; nor the alternative, even peculiar implementation of the horn-loaded bass section that extends deep.

Getting down to brass tacks though well-implemented and big horn-loaded speakers have been around for many decades, but we rarely see them domesticized (when so they usually cost a fortune in the shape of (the likes of) Cessaro, Avantgarde, or certainly Living Voice with crazy expensive finishes). If one really wanted to make an entrance into this realm of large horn-loaded speakers, without paying atrocious amounts of money, one could do so via the pro arena (what these are really derived from) - with great results. It's just about making the decision and go for it, while shedding any preconceived notions and prejudiced ideas about speakers from this segment, and their supposed shortcomings and speculated misfit in the home environment. 

With the upcoming Jubilee's audiophiles will have an opportunity to acquire a very decent, civil looking speaker package that accommodates physics, and at a likely price (my guess) that may handily challenge other, physically smaller competitors. Which is to say: it's not my intention to "belittle" the upcoming Jubilee's, only to rub off the notion about their "game changing" status. Their soon-to-be availability in audiophilia as something this large may be that, also if we suppose they're priced rather favorably, but what they do sonically I can't see not being achievable elsewhere - for less money even. 
This loudspeaker is Roy Delgato's design. Paul Klipsch never heard that bass section or the upper horn section from what I know. It is only similar to one of his last design which was an effort to make a two way system where the two ways could blend better than had done before.