All In One Recommendations

Our friend mechans aka The Doctor passed away in the early part of 2020.  He was an active, passionate, and knowledgeable contributor here and AA.  Although he acquired a lot of wonderful sounding audio kit, and his wife shares our demand for excellent sound, she now seeks a more streamlined solution.  That means integrated amplifier with MM / HOMC phono input, as well as on board streamer / DAC.

Looking around, I see NAD offers a line of integrateds that would suit.  I have a NAD streamer / DAC with preamplifier and phono input in one of my tertiary systems, and while certainly not the best sounding component I have, it's quite competent.  I really like its BluOS, and hard to fault overall at the $1750 price point.

Although she would consider taking a different route with that same model preamp, the preference at this time lies with an integrated that does it all.  Along those lines, any other recommendations when it comes to an all in one solution beyond the NAD lineup?

Thanks to all...


NAIM except it does not have phono. Aesthetix Mimas except it lacks the streamer. In a month I listen to Moon w anticipation but I NEVER recommend gear I have not heard…. Unlike the banished ( we hope ) king of hyperbole

Second the opinion on the Simaudio ACE.  Plenty of power at 50W, phono, built in streamer and dac.  Mind2 interface and/or Roon is great.  Also supports Tidal, Quoboz and Spotify.