Airtight PC-3 users, tracking angle?

I wondered if anyone had experience of this cartridge.
Airtight do not suggest a VTA or SRA as far as I can see.
With mine when the bottom of the cart is parallel with record surface the angle of the cantilever is 26 degrees when compared to the LP surface. Using a rudimentary USB scope the stylus appears to be tilted well forward and not, the usual, almost vertical.
It tracks well and sounds good, but being an obsessive!
Any comments?
If you use what's recently been discussed over on Fremer's site (, mimiking the cutting lathe angle of 92 degrees (stylus head leaned slightly forward and tip angle slightly back) is the way to go.

Using my dyna XV-1s, in my system, my ears really prefer around 90 - 90.5 degrees.

I would say experiement with different SRA's and whatever sounds best to you, is the way you should go. I bet you will wind up somewhere between 90 and 92.
I have not heard the PC-3, but I own the PC-1 and the Supreme. I set them both up by making sure my SME V-12 armtube was level (parallel to the LP surface) and then I fine-tuned them by ear raising or lowering VTA very slightly from level for best sound on a medium thickness LP. I found alignment with the MINT LP protractor essential for Zenith adjustment and proper HTA. It made quite a difference. The PC-1 and Supreme are almost identical in set up, so the PC-3 I think would be close.

I checked with my USB microscope, and when the arm is level, the cartridge top looks level and SRA is about 92 degrees give or take 1/2 a degree.

Also pay attention to loading and VTF. I prefer 2.15g for VTF and about 47 ohms loading in my SS Pass Xono phono stage, but this is very system dependent.
Another PC-1 owner and I second Peterayer's experience/advice . I use 240 ohms loading in a Joule phono with VTF of 2.14g. I make slight adjustments to the VTA as necessary without adjustments to VTF as I've found not all LP's "like" the same angle. I do listen in a "medium" VTA for convenience sometimes if the sound isn't unacceptable.
Thanks for the input. I seem to have found a good sounding angle now. However it does involve lowering the arm so it is 6 or 7mm (approx) below horizontal which is more than with other cartridges I have.