Affordable Tubes for Anthem Pre 2L

I replaced my Audio Refinement Pre5 pre-amp by a used Anthem Pre 2L in order to correct a Brightness issue in my system (Vanderstein 2Ce, Odyssey Stratos, Cambridge Audio 540C2, Audio Art cables).
The Anthem Pre 2L came with a set of 4 Jan Philips ECG tubes. It was a considerable improvement on the brightness side but I had now major Microphonics issues. I replaced these tubes by used Amperex Buggle Boy. I got the warm sound I was looking for, the brightness is gone but so are the deep bass!

I'm into jazz, rock that's why I bought large speakers in the first place, So it is a problem for me.

Could any body recommend tubes that would bring back the bass without being to bright.

I'm on a budget, so I would like to stay away from these expensive NOS. Let's say 100$ for a set of 4 would be my upper limit.

Thanks in advance,

I forgot to mention, these are 6922 tubes.
6922 tubes can be quite expensive. You might want to try ElectroHarmonix or JJ which would be in your price range. Phillips also makes a pretty nice 6922, but they can be microphonic, so you might have a problem with them.
The advantage of 6922's is that they last a long time, 10,000 hours. To get rid of some of the microphonics you could try tube dampeners. Even the little rubber rings will help. I'd stay away from the new mullard remakes out there. I just saw the Jan's really reasonably priced: Try or or or upscaleaudio.
Personally, I love my Golden Dragons and have Jan's as back-ups.
At 12$ a tube, the Golden Dragons definitely fit into my budget.

But how do they sound compare to the Jan's?

What kind of preamp you are running these tubes in?