Aesthetix Calypso or ARC LS26?

I'm considering both of these preamps, and was wondering if anyone has ever been able to compare the two. I'll be coupling it to an ARC 100.2 amp.
Standard Calypso vs. ARC LS26 is close, signature Calypso is hands down Aesthetix. I love the Calypso for it's simplicity, two tube sets which can be easily rolled for great results. The bass is wonderful, midrange near perfect and treble is clear and clean.

The dynamics of the standard is suspect, but the signature should resolve this issue.
I replaced my ARC LS 25 MK1 with the Calypso. Very, very close call. I consider the LS25mk1 better then the MK2 (my opinion). I went with the Aesthetix because I had a RHEA phono pre-amp and I felt that the Aesthetix Calypso was a better match due to the synergy.
Overall, the Aesthetix gear is a bit warmer and gave me more "meat on the bones".

Rick (RWD)