Pass X250.5 with XP-10 or Aesthetix Calypso ?

Just purchased a pass X250.5. Not sure if I should upgrade to a XP-10 or keep the Aesthetix Calypso. Not sure if I want ot stay with tubes with this amp.

I would like to here everybodys OPINION.


I just responded to another thread about my Aesthetix Calypso. I havn't had the Pass XP series in my system but the Calypso, with the right tubes, beats my last pre..Pass Labs X-0.2. There are many tube combos out there to change the sonic signature of your music...not so with a SS pre-amp. It took years (or maybe just the right pre-amp for my ears) to figure out. I have used Pass Labs amps for the last 10 years X-150, X-350, Aleph 2s,Aleph 5, XA-160s and now bi-amping with 2 Aleph 3s. My opinion is stay with tubes if you want something to play with...if not go buy the XP-10 or 20. The X-0.2 is a great sounding pre if you can find one, and a bargain at $3k-4k.
I own the X250.5 and the XP-10. I run the Aesthetix Rhea phono stage and it's superb with the Pass gear! Tubes + Aesthetix = solid winner in my system!
I used to have the Aesthetix Janus and got to try it with a Pass 250.5. It was a very good sounding combination. Why aren't you sure you want to use tubes? My impression of the Janus was that it didn't have the sound typically associated with tube preamps, and was very neutral. Obviously this is tube dependent too.
Thanks for the responses.

I just feel I had enough with tubes and trying different ones to find the best sound. I would realy like to give the pass XP-10 a try. So I plain on ordering one on Monday.
Thanks again everyone for your input.


You will not be disappointed with the XP-10. It is one of the most transparent pre's that I have ever owned. My only complaint is that you can regulate the volume max levels on each imput. I understand the maze of trying different tubes. It took me some time to come up with the proper blend in the Rhea. I'm sure you'll be extremely happy with the XP-10! Enjoy !!!