Aerial CC-3 vs. Revel C-32 Center Channel

For about the same price (~ $600- $650) I can get, used, either an Aerial CC-3 (NOT the CC-3B) or a Revel C-32 center channel. Which should I go with, and why?

I just bought an Onix RSC-200 Signature ("Bigfoot"), and was disappointed with its tinny sound (compared to my reference monitors; the cabinet was also not as dead as I'd like). So I'm returning it. I could try the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 center (about $450), but thought that, for a couple hundred more, I might get a significant improvement buying used. Unfortunately, I'm picky, so it would be best if I could listen before buying, but that's not an option with the Revel or Aerial speakers. So perhaps with sufficient advice from you folks, I can make a decision that won't disappoint.

In deference to the downstairs neighbors, I've decided to forgo a subwoofer.

For my mains, I have a pair of custom-built Legacy studio monitors; they each have a Vifa 1" aluminum dome tweeter and a pair of ~6" Focal Kevlar midbass drivers (the ones with they yellow cones). They are driven by a pair of PSE Studio V mono amps. The center will likely be powered by an Onkyo SR805 HT receiver (130 WPC/8 ohms, 150 WPC/6 ohms; since the Onkyo will not have to drive the L and R speakers, hopefully it will have enough juice to power either the Revel or Aerial center; however, I've been warned that, while it's OK for the Revels, I'll need an outboard amp for the Aerials).
For sure, NO PROFESSIONAL AUDIO/VIDEOPHILE IN THIS BUSINESS would ever do what you're trying to do! - cause they know better = incase it matters to you.
This subject has been talked about at least a 1000 times on this forum alone over the years (regarding people requesting advice on "which center channel to chose to go with their L/R speakers").
The answer, EVERY TIME BTW, is that you SHOULD NOT get another branded center to "mis-match" with your l/r speakers! You wouldn't put a different Left speaker with a Right. And you also can't put a different Left speaker, with a different center speaker, with a different Right speaker!
You will never have a believeable cohesive soundstage, that remains "tone" correct from speaker to speaker doing what you're trying to do. You will ALWAYS hear a different voice from one speaker to the next, and your system will not dissapear into the soundstage. In short, you'll be listening to "equipment" - not a hi-fidelity soundscape
Your only options are either to get a matching center from the same manufacturer as your mains - or to simply leave your system as a 2 or 2.0 system - or you must get a separate matching speaker system across the front for HT dubties!
If you doubt this info, simply email your question to ANY audio/video magazing professional reviewer, and they'll tell you what I said, basically.
Infact, you'd be better off trying to mate 3 matched lesser quality speakers across the front, than trying to do what you're trying to accomplish. Yes, quality over quantity, if you must. If you can't, I suggest the 2 channel route, over different brands of speakers in a system - EVERY TIME.
Again, don't take my word, just email the pro's and see what they say.
Good luck
I have the revel c32, I am using it with my aerial 7Bs, I use the revel do space restrictions, it is a great center channel, it blends well with the 7B's, Most info in ht comes from the center , the mains are mostly effects anyway, when listenning to music I use the aerials only, but I would strongly recommend the revel as a center, it is excellent, I would buy the revel, good luck
My recommendation is you find 3 NHT M5 monitors, mount them on the wall, AND FORGET ABOUT IT! Then you can have your Legacy's still setup for 2 channel, and have high rez, very clear and dynamic sounding HT system, separate from your music system - COMPROMISING NOTHING!
that's my recommendation.
I say forget the mixed-bag of speakers!...