Aerial 7T vs Dali Epicon 6

I am looking to do what maybe a slight upgrade in speakers. I have a small room sort of crowded and no room to place away from the walls. I have a ton of treatments and I think at present I have a nice sound. Currently Focal 1028 with Bel Canto ref600 monos, 80% of the time using Tidal HiFi. No vinyl. I haven't heard either the 7T or the Epicon 6 but I thought I'd like to try them (used). The other speaker I have an interest in is KEF Ref 3. Any thoughts?


I am looking as well and haven’t had much time to audition many. But the 7T’s are at the top on my list right now, the bass is deep and controlled, the mids are very spot on in timbre and placed perfectly, but the highs are clear, brilliant but not in your face, very accurate yet not at all out of proportion with the overall voice of the speaker.
For me these are the bar that others (my price point) must clear. I haven't heard the Dali yet other than at RMAF a few years back.
Don’t know if this will help we sell both of these brands ie Kef and Dali

The Dalis offer a very unique presepective on sound reproduction.

The combination of soft dome tweeter for a sweet overall treble balance with a ribbon supertweeter added in around 14k to add a bit of air and sparkle creates a very unusual sound.

The Dali’s have a great sense of warmth and liquidity while still offering a good amount of detail, the Dalli’s bass is tight with a bit of roundness that makes them sound a bit more bass heavy add in an absolutely stunning cabinet and a great size overall makes the Epicon 6 very hard to beat with the right electronics, they sound amazing.

The Kef Reference offers a bit more overall clarity and is a fantatic imaging speaker, also with great dynamics it is a dynamic monster and is a cleaner overall sound then the Dalis because they are more neutral.

Personally I find the Dali’s to be more magical of the two.

The Aeriels are competant speakers with low coloration, in terms of both Kef and Dali, both of these companies produce superior drivers.

The scanspeak tweeter is a good tweeter and supposedly goes up to 25kk they don’t sound that airy at all, we have had numerous speakers use these tweeters, they are very clean but not magical in terms of air or clarity.

Audio Doctor NJ

Troy, thanks for the response.

"Personally I find the Dali’s to be more magical of the two".  I'm not sure what you mean. 

Do you think the Kef ref3 would provide better imaging in a crowded room? 

I own the Dali Epicon 6 speakers.  They have a very broad sound stage.  Speakers are meant to be played off-axis...pointed straight ahead rather than toed in.  That really creates great imaging, and one doesn't have to be seating in the center/sweet spot to enjoy what is coming out of both speakers.  I am not familar with the other speakers.