Advice with changing a tonearm???

I have a Linn Basik with a Linn Akito arm, which will not work at 110V. So I just bought a Kenwood 550 TT and was thinking of putting the Linn arm on it. Can anyone comment whether this is a good idea and if so, how would you do it and how would you optimise the sound quality?
Thanks in advance.

In my experience everything Linn makes is dual voltage. I know that my LP12 is as well as both amps and preamp that I own. I suggest you go to the Linn website at and find the link to Linn USA and send their tech line an email. They'll provide instructions on how to convert to 110V.
Dear David: You only have to go to Radio Shack and buy a voltage converter to 110v.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
I'd contact Linn USA and get it fixed. Going to the 550 (former owner) would not be a step forward... IMO.

some corrections:

- No, the Basik cannot be switched in voltage, only a Valhalla or Lingo LP12 can. (Lugnut: Other Linn equipment like the Classik, newer Majik, LK85, LK140 cannot be switched in voltage and require a transformer change. You are right about the Genki, Wakonda and all others with Slimline ps, where it is simply a switch on the back)

- More important: The net frequency in the US is 60Hz vs 50 Hz everywhere else. This means the motor pulley has to be changed and according to Linn this means the whole motor (which is glued to the plinth) needs to be changed. To call Linn is a good suggestion if you would like to keep the Basik.

- If you would like to use the Akito Arm I would get a used Linn LP12 with Valhalla PS. The Valhalla or Lingo generate their own reference frequency and the LP12 would be a nice upgrade if you like the Linn sound.

- There are many other good tt available. There are even several that use DC motors that do not depend on the net frequency. Take a look at Michell, Teres, etc.

I was in a similar situation and had a Linn Basik and used the opportunity to sell the Linn Basik/Akito and try out some other tables.

Good luck,