Changing your tune

I have been an "Audiophile" nut for the past decade (rookie) and have gone through enough gear to get myself in trouble.

Along the way I have made some bold and strong opinionated statements about SS/digital amps/IC's/speakers/digital vs. vinyl etc.. Raving about a certain wire and then later down the road finding that wire to be replaced with yet another wire.

Having gone to all Red Wine Audio gear and a Mac Mini and getting out of vinyl has made me rethink my bold statements in my younger years. Gone is the bold statements of what sounds good and what doesn't.

Now that I am done with my buying and selling days of gear I look forward to buying music and learning from the members on this site in this area. Sad to say I have majored on the gear and not the music.

How many have changed your tune through the years?

Would you please update your system so that we can see what you've settled on?

It's always hard to tell whether the last buying phase is the end or whether there will indeed be history repeating itself and there will be the continuation of the cylce.
you get credit for admitting your pig-headedness during your junior years & you get credit for finally maturing & realizing that hi-(sp)end audio is a very subjective hobby/obsession & that 2 people listening to your very own system at the same time will hear differently. So, what works for your system & you does not necessarily work for another + vice-versa.
Welcome to enlightenment - atleast you achieved it during this life-time. Bravo! :-)
A decade is not even middle-aged yet for a final statement.Best to keep on keepin on........ or not,its all the same here as you never outgrow your need for therapy.Have a large weekend,cheers,Bob
System update done.

I am done for now with gear.

I do envy you music heads with your music library and knowledge of different artists and types of music. So $$$ now goes towards music.

Already a whole new world has been opened up to me in this area that was so neglected in the past.

Buy/Rip/ sell.
Glory, you just had a hurricane rip thru Destin, FL. I had a school friend vacationing there & he was on the beach watching the waves & feeling the strong beach.
How did you fare in the storm??
A baby storm of 50 MPH. Good surf.
System update done.

Glory - I think there's currently an error in your system profile: The RWA Isabella is a preamp. The Isabellina is Vinnie's DAC. Very good choice, BTW!

I've been flipping gear for years too - coming up on the third decade in this hobby I guess. Man that makes me feel old. Settled for a long while on (Quicksilver) SET + horns and that combo made me smile for six years...still does, but I've moved on. Now I'm very happy all Modwright gear. There's something to be said for small independent designers who build gear from a passion for the music. I'm sure I'll stay here for many years. I've always been a music junkie and do remain...that's what got me into this in the first place and it's never changed. I prefer not to think about the gear at all. Sold off my vinyl and table years ago right here on Agon. Still think vinyl sounds better, but don't have the patience and life's too damn short and there's too much music to hear to waste my time cleaning LP's and stylus tips and worrying about platter material and isolation ;-) Seriously, my hat's off to those who follow their passions with that kind of conviction. I guess I simply don't have the patience at this point in my life to devote the time and effort there. It's all good, especially music!

Good post! Thanks.

The RWA Isabella preamp has the Dac built into it.

Yes vinyl does sound better than digital but going into ths Mac Mini thing I was hoping for 90% of the results I was getting out of my analog rig. I am very pleased with the results of this move as I have achieved my goals. Having all my music at my finger tips to me makes up the 10% I am losing to analog.

Yes the whole needle thing (Audio Note IO-Gold) of 2000 hrs. and then a trip to the UK for a $1300.000 retip. It all become to heavy for me and I had to have all the big $$$ analog gear. Sold it and had fun with the excess $$$ and still have a very nice sounding system.
A system doesn't have to be the most expensive or the best to provide a tremendous amount of musical enjoyment. A few well chosen components properly setup in a decent sounding room is all that most people require. The fact that some many think they need more than they require says something about our consumer oriented society.
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
"I once was blind, but now I can see"
I find that it is possible to evaluate equipment and still enjoy the music. However, IMHO, the love of music has to be stronger than the love of equipment. Personally, I think most of the people that post on Audiogon are more concerned with the electronics than the music.