Advice please!!!!

Hello! I am new in this forum. I´m from Mexico city.

My father in law won in an auction between several things this Meridian home theater, 2  DSP 8000 speakers, 2  DSP 5500 speakers, 2 DSP 6000 speakers, G68 surround processor, G98 CD/DVD player, 808 signature reference CD player. I´m selling it in 33,372 dls. But I can´t find any buyers. Is it to high? 
Also I think that if I sold them separate there will be some things I won't sell. 
What do you think? Also If I advertise it outside Mexico the shipping will be expensive, but if someone wants it the shipping cost would be worth it?

Please I need advice, I don´t have experience in the music industry.

Thank you!!!!
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How long have you been flipping audio gear?
I would say that it's generally extremely difficult to sell an entire system like that.  You are betting on the buyer wanting every single piece of equipment that is included in your bundle.  It's much easier to sell them individually as audio people are very picky/specific about what they want.
If the price is right there is a buyer