Advice on Phono Cables for VPI TT?

Any experience out there for low level phono cables for use on a VPI Aries or TNT? I understand that VPI has a new phono cable made of the same JMW wire. They also speak highly of Kimber TAK copper. Right now I'm temporarily using FMS Zero, with Audio Magic Spellcaster II off and on. I've heard that line level ICs are not really intended for phono, and that I'd get better results with a dedicated phono cable. The JMW doesn't use a DIN connector, so I'd have to order RCA to RCA from either VPI or Kimber. Any advice or recommendations welcome. Thanks.
Hi: I am going to try Coincident CST for phono cable. The following information comes from this site and I quote:

"COINCIDENT- This is the finest phono cable I've heard. It is superb in every sonic parameter. It requires 500 or more hours of break-in for optimization of the phono signal transfer, which is why I changed its sonic evaluation from a last year (July 2000). It is only $ 300 U.S. There is also a DIN version that sell for $ 379 U.S., using the CARDAS DIN connector. However, a method must first be found to break-in the DIN version to optimize its capabilities. Coincident has attempted to design an improved version of this cable, but have run into serious technical difficulties. It will probably never come to market.

Further: Readers should ignore the 'reviews' of this cable within the magazines that accept advertising from "established cable manufacturers". They will never take the time, 500 hours of CD burn-in, to hear this cable at its best. Some irresponsible 'reviewers' will even describe its sound with virtually no hours of burn-in just to discredit it."

Go to the site for a more complete discussion.

I will have experience in about 1.5 months after I burn in the cable.

I am learning with you guys here. Hope this helps
In my experience, the best phono cables for use with VPI tables are silver cables--Bear Labs, Siltech, Kimber, Wireworld should be at the top of your list. Any RCA-RCA cables will do, JMW armbase uses fixed RCA connectors; no DIN or XLR connections possible. Make sure the silver cables have proper shielding though, especially if using an MC cartridge.
I agree with Findoc, silver is the way to go. I'm currently using Kimber KS-1030 Silver ICs with great success on my Aries/JMW12 combo.
Thanks to all for the advice. Interesting about the silver recommendation. The Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs are silver. I found that, contrary to the stereotype about silver, the AMs are warm sounding, more so than the FMS, which seem to have more detail that's especially evident with acoustic guitar.
I have one of these on my Linn and I am pleased with it. Perhaps it is still being offered, just not heavily advertised, as are most cables FMS.
Interesting that Findoc and Metaphysics have both found success with silver. I had a conversation with Harry Weisfield at the Stereophile show on this very subject and he urged me to stay away from silver cable on my (not yet delivered) Aries/JMW. Perhaps there are other aspects to your systems that are being compensated for or just being complemented by silver that wouldn't necessary apply to other systems?

system is all-tubed, so maybe that's why? I find silver cables, as a general rule, to sound better in tube systems than copper or silver-plated copper wire. There are always exceptions of course, but this has been my experience. The myth that silver is bright-sounding is just that; a myth. Good silver cables in fact are smoother and less grainy than copper! The one thing copper does seem to have on silver though, again as a general rule, is better deep bass slam.

Anyway, with VPI/JMW my experience is what it is--use silver cables. Harry (and Listener mag) are right about one thing though--you absolutely must hear a genuine NOS Denon 103D cartridge in the JMW arm. Wowee!! I wish I had a backup :-(
Spotdoc, I also heard from VPI to use the copper version of the Kimber TAK if I decided to go that route. What are you going to try out when you get your table?

The rest of my system is BAT VK-30 pre and VK-200 amp on Aerial 10Ts. I'm having good results with Audio Magic Spellcaster II ICs, but this cable didn't seem to be as good as the FMS with the Aries/JMW. The FMS is borrowed and it has to be returned when I get something to replace it.

But...I'm interested in trying the soon to be available (if not already shipping) VPI cable, but even though it's so new I hoped that someone out there could comment. Decisions decisions.
As with Findoc, my system is all Tube: BAT VKP5, BAT VK50SE, BAT75SE. I did make a close comparison and had the Kimber Copper/Silver 1020s in the system for several months and MUCH preferred the 1030s. The improvement was immediately apparent from near the turntable and even more so from the listening position. It sounded less "muddled".
I too, am all tube: SF Line 1, Anthem Pre1P, Audiovalve Challengers (into Kharma Ceramique 2.1) Since I have access to a new set of XLO Signatures, that's what I'll be trying first, although I suppose I will try something in silver as well. BTW, I'm putting a Clearaudio Victory Gold on the JMW. Anyone have any experience with this combo?
I think I'm going to buy the VPI cable, which they say is made with the same wire as the JMW arm. For me this seems to make sense, continuing the sonics of the JMW arm right down to the preamp. I'll give it a whirl and let the gang here know how it compares to the FMS and the Audio Magic. meanwhile, if anyone has beaten me to the VPI wire, let us all know what you found! Thanks.

P.S. I am absolutely thrilled with the Aries/JMW with the Grado Reference Platinum. I might try the low output 1.5mv Grado Master or Reference sometime in the future. I heard that JG is coming out with a new "Statement Series" - wonder what that'll bring.