advice for an old newbie

after a 23 year hiatus from vinyl i now want to jump back in. am considering a beginner's package of Pro-Ject (Austrian) Perspective turntable with Pro-ject tone arm & Benz low-end MC cartridge. package costs $1100. is this a reasonable system for an old newbie ? any other suggestions for the same budget ? Thanks. Bob.
Bob, very reasonable for the (v. good, IMO) sound. By European standards that is. There must be other options in the US, esp. used gear, others can propose.

If you finally choose the Pro-ject, I think you'll enjoy it.
Good luck!
A friend of mine recently got the Pro-ject. I gave him a used Van den Hul 10 cartridge. It's an excellent set-up. I think the Pro-ject is a real value in the $1k range. Enjoy it--and welcome back to vinyl.
Well, you have two other choices of very good tables and arms: 1) Rega Planar 3 with Rega RB300 arm; and 2) VPI HW-19 "Junior" table with AudioQuest or Rega arms. If you are willing to buy used gear, I'd look for a VPI HW-19 Mark 3 table with any good tonearm (Rega, AudioQuest, Basis, etc.).
I've seen the package you describe for a bit less than $1,000 while researching tables, as I am in a similar situation (sold my SOTA three years ago and the LP's are stashed away). My impression is that the Basis 1400 ($400 more than the Perspective with an RB250, $600 more with an RB300)is more substantial, has better parts (i.e. exact same motor as their higher end models) and better build quality. I think the Perspective is very nice for $1,000 but I think I'd feel better in the long run spending a little more, so I don't get that "buying fever" as soon.

The Basis also has an upgrade path while the Perspective has nowhere to go. I saw an ad (somewhere...) for a 1400, RB300 and Glider for $1700. I'm also going to check out the Gyro Deck and look at used tables <$2,000. I've got to noodle with this a while longer...
i tink ewe should strongly consider a used 'table, especially at this price-point - it puts ya on the cusp of the entry to some of the best 'tables out there: linn lp-12, vpi hw-19, sota wacuum 'tables, pink triangle, kuzma, well-tempered, oracle delphi, yust to mention a few.

i'm partial to the oracle - i picked one up in *excellent* condition - w/arm, cartridge & shipping, it was *still* only $850. of course, i got the upgrade-bug, & have more money into it now, but that's the beauty of it (besides its innate beauty!): it can be updated to current spec. even outta the box, the oracle killed my prewious cj walker cj-5, which was heavily-modded, & the sonic equivalent to what's awailable for ~$1k gnu, imho. vpi's, well-tempered's & linn's can also be updated, not sure about the others.

anyway, i believe any of these 'tables will be a significant yump in sound-quality over anyting awailable for a similar price that's purchased brand-gnu.

ymmv, doug s.

I have enjoyed upgrading my VPI turntable over the years. I started with the Jr. and have worked my way up to the mk4 with JMW Memorial arm and Benz Glider catridge. I would suggest a table that you can upgrade.
some excellent suggestions. i side , tho, with sedond and jim. the best of both worlds is to find a used basis 1400. shouldn't be too hard given aj's (conti) upgrade path. -kelly
Are you a record collector? If so, there is only one undisputable choice available nowadays...

I looked at the Perspective, Rega Planars, Music Hall MMF5, Sota Comet and the Technics SL-1200MK2.

Choices came down to Sota Comet w/Rega 300 arm vs Technics SL-1200MK2(modified: Sumiko headshell w/silver litz wires, Cardas tonearm wire, Phoenix Gold interconnect, silver solder throughout and later, a tonearm fluid damper assembly from

I chose the Technics. Most reliable TT around. When completely modified, it will be able to use low output MC cartridges, as well as those for 78s. Try that with any of the above turntables. Try cleaning your records on the platter...try getting a service manual...try getting parts ten years from now.

Hope this serves you well.
Thanks for your inputs. I'm also putting Nottingham Space or Hyperspace with Space Tonearm on my short list. These are U.K. units & seem to be well built. Looks great too.
Has anyone auditioned these units.
Ryllau, the basic issue is whether you intend to collect records or listen to the audiophile vinyl pressings that are being released nowadays. If it's the first, I have shown you the best way to go. I gave it lots of thought. If it's the second, the members who have suggested turntables with an upgradeability path, such as Sota and VPI, have showed you the way, too. You must decide what your musical goal is first.
psychic, i do *both*, and i woodn't trade my oracle for for a tweeked sl-1200mkll. no problem w/parts awailability or reliability - my 'table is currently 20 years old. as a dust-bug is the *only* ting i'd ever consider using to clean a record while on the platter, this is not a consideration. any hand-held record cleaner designed for use while a record is spinning on the platter, will yust drive more dirt deeper into the grooves than it will remove, imo. lo-output cartridges are no problem w/my 'table, i'm presently using a 0.2mv cartridge. the only problem is i can't do 78's. if i played '78's, i'd get a 'table yust for that & keep the oracle for everyting else. so, even for a record collector, there are other opinions as to the "best way to go".

regards, doug s.

Sedond, your opinion is way over the budget of this thread, as well as of most audiophile's pocketbooks. That's why the Technics has become a worldwide phenomenom among record collectors. I did not think of buying one until one day, just for fun, I started to look at the 1200MK2 postings in Although a lot of them were from DJs, quite a number were from bona fide audiophiles from all over the world. Being open minded, I researched further. One of these guys had Joseph Grado rewire his tonearm!

An Audiogon member from Italy e-mailed me wondering about the details of the modifications I'm working on. When I asked him what his system consisted of, I was surprised... some very serious equipment. I don't know if it's the same person, but one of these Italians is saying that his modified 1200 is rivalling his SME setup...

Let's see the numbers:

Technics SL-1200MK2 $450.00
JA Michell clamp $ 50.00
Sumiko HS-MMT headshell $ 30.00
Cardas tonearm wire (8ft) $ 16.00
Phoenix Gold IC 1m $ 39.00
Audio Quest sorbo mat $ 95.00
Tonearm fluid damper $149.00
Service manual $ 21.95

Total(tax & freight not $850.95

This still leaves you enough to buy an Audio Technica Low output MC ($199 at Audio Advisor). You could even buy the Dynavector 20 ($500) low output MC and still stay within reason.

As for cleaning records on the TT, I've used the Discwasher for many years and my records are in great shape. The rotation of the pad and the unidirectional fibers provide a lifting action. As with any tool, you have to let its own weight do the job for you. I agree that if used improperly you could actually do more harm than good.

The audio manager at the last store I work asserted me that oracle is THE turntable to have. That is, if you can afford it.

Peace to all.
hi psychic,

i had a discwasher, never could get the hang of it! ;~) try a keith monks record-sweeper - like the old watts dust-bug only better - this ting even has a grounding-wire to help eliminate static. it (like my old dust-bug) accurately tracks the grooves - i've never had a crud-build-up problem on my stylus using one of these. arthur salvatore carries n.o.s. record-sweepers for ~$30...

re: costs, while i have a bit more into it now, i paid $1250 for my mint-condition oracle, upgraded to mk-v specs, all except the motor & power-supply. this included customs/shipping to maryland from canada, & having to buy a gnu box. cost wooda been $800, if i'd have forgone the upgrades. oh yeah, it also included a perfect-condition grace 727 tone-arm - a decent arm, tho i don't presently use it.

i dunno if this is *the* 'table to have, but they *are* up there, & not too spendy for a patient shopper... :>)

regards, doug s.