Adequacy of Mac MC7300?

I need a new amp and have been looking at Magneplanars as well. The Magnepan website says to make sure to use an amp that doubles in power whenever the load impedance is cut in half. In looking at the specs for the Macintosh mc7300 I saw that it was rated 300w for 8, 4 and 2 ohm loads and doesn't appear to put out much current. Does anyone know if this is a weakness of Macintosh amps, or am I missing something? Help!
Remember that the Mac amps are unique among SS amps [ at least among the ones I have seen currently] in using a matching transformer [autoformer]. This limits current and maximum output at lower impedences while smoothing out difficult loads. I personally believe that this is the main reason why "The Mac Sound" is so controversial, it does sound different and you either like it or you don't. If you want a high current design there are ones like Krell that do double every time the impedence is halved. I know from reading other posts that some Maggie owners use Mac and are happy so it is not cut and dried.
Missing something: the Mac is output transformer coupled. Thus it can have that sort of control over the output.
A PS: Mac amps and Magnepans are not a good match anyway.
Many other good amps for Maggies, so unless you already own the MAC stuff, and really want Maggies, avoid the Maggie MAC combo.
Not all Mac amps are use the autoformers. The 7300 does, however. The MC7200 does not use them, and there are other Mac amps that do not use them, either. The 7200 puts out 200 wpc into 8 ohms, 300 wpc into 4 0hms. I personally do not like the autoformers, but Mac thinks they are great. Elizabeth gives good advice, so if you don't have the 7300, look elsewhere.
I don't own Maggies, and I never have, but I have read the opinions on this forum and other forums of Maggie owners who do like the Mac-Maggie combo. Like anything else, a matter of taste.
I use the Mac C2300 tube preamp and Mac 402 with my 3.6'S
I like the combo. Please try it your self and let your ears be the judge.I have 3.7's on order and will get them Friday I will not give up my Mac gear for any thing,It got me off the merry go round.It sounds like music.
The McIntosh MC7300 can deliver as much as 85 amperes peak current.
Can you get into the Pass int-150 for similar money?
I got my 3.7's today all I Can say is wow what a speaker all you Mac Fans hold on to your gear these speakers sound fantastic with my Mac gear,402 C2300 Mye stands these speakers live up to the hype I have had maggies for 30 years these are the best by far.Absolutely incredible difference I would pay twice the price to get this sound. Play list Miles Davis Kind of Blue,Horace Silver In Pursuit of The 27th Man,Norah Jones come away with me and Stravinsky:Petrouchka London symphony. Vocals will floor you.Let your ears be the judge enjoy the music.

You had me fully convinced, well, until Nora Jones,