adapter plug for burn-in on frig

I've read so much about power cord upgrades; decide to give it a try. Purchased an Audio Mirror One and a Bok by Zu Cable: one for the cdp and the other for the amp. So far i'm not impressed with the results.

I'd like to try "burning in" the new cords by plugging them to the refrigerator for a few weeks as is often recommended. Where do I find the adapter that will allow me to do this?

Which of these would be better for use with the amp?
Look in the yellow pages under "Electronic Equipment and Supplies-Wholesalers" and phone and ask if they have a male iec to 3 prong female adapter. Should be about $4.
Go to the website: Click on the order page and buy direct.This is Chris Ven Haus of DIY fame. Great products and service.
You can make one yourself by tracking down an older PC power cord that has a female IEC end, and chopping off the male IEC end and attaching a standard AC jack. Older IBMs used to come with these as the monitor used to be powered off the power supply of the computer itself. I believe Dalco sells this "IEC extension" too.