ADA, Bryston or Classe

I am interested to buy a home cinema processor and have narrowed it down to ADA or Classe or potentially Bryston once their new SP-3 is out.

Does anybody have experience in compring procssors and amplifiers between the brands?

I.e ADA Suite 7.1 HD or above vs SSP-800 and on the amp side ADA MPA-502 vs Classe CA-5200 vs Bryston SST2 amps

I am not interested in the ultra expensive processors, i.e. Krell or Simaudio nor all the receiver options.
I do not have direct experience comparing them however I've owned the SSP-600 from Classe and tried the SSP-800 and if I could spend anything I wanted to again on HT, I'd have the SSP-800 over anything else out there.
Bryston has a better warranty coverage, it makes a customer more confident when buying that brand, not to mention the authority on mid's and bass quality.
Any ADA owners out there? I have a local installer telling me he preferred the new ADA processor and ADA amps over Classe, Bryston. Also on some forum threads I saw the ADA getting some rave comments.

The thing about Classe Delta is I love their looks but that is exactly what worries me! It seems too easy to buy Classe based on looks where for example ADA and Bryston look ugly at best but may well have superior sound attributes!

So anybody did A/B comparisons on those soundwise - preferrably from a custom installation point of view where looks do not matter?
You're obviously interested in the sound quality over looks. An "ugly" processor is fine if your equipment is in a closet.
You might give some thought to resale value. If upgradeitis
ever hits, you'll have a much easier time selling that Classe
(for the same cosmetic reasons you bought it)than you will an ADA or Bryston.
Ask the "local installer" what's his profit margin on ADA is compared to his Classe or Bryston accounts? Meaning he sells more ADA product to begin with? That's just my opinion regarding the dealer.He might be on the up and up. I would go with Classe or Bryston. I am starting to evaluate the Classe amps myself since I've been impressed by the sound of the SSP-800 I received a week ago!
Still looking for some experience from people who have actually compared ADA to Classe and Bryston.

Design and profit margin may be one topic but should not be placed above sound in this comparison!