Acurus A-250, Adcom GFA-555 or Audio Research

Hi. I have an opportunity to buy an Acurus A-250; Adcom GFA-555 or an Audio Research D-100B. These are of course SS amps, with the Audio Research being a late 70's model (100 wpc)& the other two a bit newer (200-250 wpc). All are priced in the $350 - $400 range. Is there a clear winner among the bunch?? Thanks. -David
Assuming you are using Klipsh, your ears will be the losers. 250 bright watts into klipsch is suicide. Spend the money on a used Sumo, Yamaha M series, Aragon or similar.
What speakers? Assuming from your alias here that you're into Klipch's, you hardly need 200 wpc unless your listening room is the size of a gymnasium.

You might want to look into the Onix SP8 tube integrated.
The audio research is the best of the bunch.
The Acurus is real close to the Aragon mentioned in another post.