Acrylic turntable and amp dust covers?

I'm just about ready to "pull the trigger" on a set of acrylic dust covers for my 2 Mc 275's, and my VPI Scoutmaster. Dust is the main culprit. No issues with smoke or pets.
I'm inclined to get them hinged. I've spoken with "Norm" and I think we're on the track and page, but just wanted to get others thoughts and opinions.
Any and all advice would be appreciated.
Happy listening!

Hinged, huh?

I have an acrylic cover for my Basis turntable, and I just lift if off and place it on the carpetted floor. I don't think I would want it hinged, as it is rather large and heavy. (Plus hinges break and/or get tweaked, so it is just one less thing to have problems with, IMHO.)

Actually, I really like that it not hinged, because when I place it on its side, on the floor, the top surface is about 18" off the ground, and I place my album cover and sleeve on top of it. Since I don't have a nearby table to place those things on, it comes in rather handy.

My two cents worth anyway.
Thanks Kurt. My idea is to have the base of the d/c come up to the top of the base on the Mc 275's. It would be hinged with an acylic hinge, going across the entire back side. On the turntable, the cover would again be hinged at the top of the plinth. If you look at the pictures of my "virtual" system, I think you'll get a clearer picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. At least I hope so!
I 100% agree with Kurt_tank. I have a one piece acrylic cover and I wouldn't want it hinged for the same reasons he mentions. I also set the cover down on the carpeted floor and use it as a table for the album cover while I'm listening.
I understand your idea of hinges and perhaps the ease of them however I would have to agree with the comments of kurt tank and tobuns. Acrylic is heavy and large and when all is said and done I think you are safer just taking the dust covers off and placing them some where else. If it were me I’d email Valleyplastic and ask him of his opinion. He’s an engineer that owns his own acrylic company and an audiophile to boot. He been in the business for over 30 years and has never given me any bad advice.
Just my thoughts.
Good luck with what ever you decide.
Your 275s need to have the convection through the chassis bottom through the tube socket surrounds if I am seeing it properly. Besides an opened cover will reverberate, transmitting those vibrations to the (usually microphonic) input tubes...
Forget about the hinge on the TT cover. To get the best sound you need to take it off when using the TT, sending it to another room where it will not 'sing'. On the amps, also just take them off and move them out of the room for they will 'sing' too. I have a few hinged players and have found it best to take them off completely and move another room.