Acrylic Platters and Shinny Spots

After closer examination I see shiny spots on the acrylic platter on my Scout. Is this normal? Sounds kinda of anal but I just got the darn thing!
its a possbility that when u place an lp on the\platter the friction from the platter, vinyl and tonearm all together cause's a polishing affect....just my take on it.
Do you think this affects the function of the platter in any way?
I find that the shiny spots on my VPI platter are usually oils from my hands. A quick wipe with windex and a lint free cloth cleans it right up.
It looks like there are some scratches as well, do I have to worry about this affeting the function/sound?
Autodexr relax all "Acrylic Platters" have this problem after any use...sit back and enjoy your TT and if this still worries you get yourself a great TT mat.
Thx I got a little crazy there for a second :)
This matt finish is a secondary step, it's like a coating that is applied.
Do not use Windex, that is the worst thing to use on acrylic. Can cause grazing eventually.
Leave it alone, like McDonald 43 mentioned, it's the oil in yours hands that is showing up. Just wipe with dry soft cloth.
Hello, I have to disagree. While the shiny spots "might" be oils-greases etc, they can possibly be areas from rubbing, either from shipping, or improper handling at factory. A one time deal, cleaning with Windex-Glass Plus shouldn't be detrimental, and I think I even read once VPI suggesting to use Windex?

I have used Glass Plus on the rare occasion, (usually after handling the Platter due to periodic Bearing Lube) with no problems, on either the Frosted, and Black Acyrlic VPI Platters with never a problem. I usually follow with a wipe with pure-distilled Water.

The scratches though, no matter how small, and few, are IMO unacceptable on a brand new Platter, there should be absolutely none. Call your Dealer, and tell them you want a new Platter. He may refer you to Mike, or Harry at VPI. Be ready with Table Serial # in hand. They should immediately send you a new Platter, so there's no inconvenient downtime for you with Table. Then, you'll have to ship the original Platter back to VPI in the packaging the replacement Platter came in. Since they may ship a new Bearing with Platter, you may have to ship the Original Bearing with Platter as well?

VPI most likely won't pick up the cost of returning sub-par Platter, this is to be expected, but IMO it is worth the time-expense of total satisfaction with top quality parts throughout, and that is what you have paid for. They are generally very good about this, they want thier customers 100% satisfied.
Has anyone had success cleaning those whitish swirls that are left on black acrylic platters (VPI), after cleaning with alcohol, or other substances? What did you use?

The Windex suggestion was not my idea, but was what I was told by VPI when I asked about cleaning the table. Windex for the platter and Panel Magic for the base. I figure that was as close to the gold standard as I was likely to get.
I use those LCD monitor wipes on my Scout and that seems to do the trick really well. I figure whatever's on those has gotta be less harsh than windex.
Windex contains Alcohol. I don't mean to be a know it all but after 40 years in the Plastic ( Acrylic ) business I think I have some idea of what I am talking about.
Denatured Alcohol is fine but not products with Alcohol. The process of the frosted finish is done in two ways. It is applied by a spray gun with a Dupont Matt based material. The other way is Sand Blasting. When sand blasted and there is not a sealer coat put on it is the oil in your hands that impregnants the Acrylic. This will cause those shiny areas.
You can use any cleaner without Alcohol content. The best cleaner is Novus # 1 for any plastic ( Acrylic )
When I mentioned grazing can or will appear, it will, it's just a matter of time if Alcohol is used.
I am sure there are cleaners on the open market that can be used I just don't know for sure which ones they are.
Don't doubt what you say at all about Alcohol, but do wonder why you would then say Denatured Alcohol would be OK? I'm certainly no chemist, but was of the belief that Denatured Alcohol contained some other various chemicals in it to essentially render it undrinkable? (And no doubt therefore un-taxable as well?)

I probably don't know what the heck I'm talking-thinking about, and maybe I'm thinking of something else?

I would think the Novus wouldn't be a good idea on the Clear Frosted Acrylic Platters, unless you want to remove the Frosted Matte Finish? Doesn't all the Novus Products contain an abrasive?

As for the Black Platters, isn't this material actually Delrin? Or?

What popped into my mind as a good alternative cleaner for either type Platter, since it doesn't appear to damage the Media we place upon these Platters, is a good Record Cleaning Fluid (Without Alcohol)?

Generally for dusting my platter+Plinth, and removing fingerprints-etc I use AIVS Pure Water Rinse. The Pure Water seems to not leave any spotting-streaking, in that it is mineral free. Mark
Markd51 Novus #1 is a cleaner only and also eliminates static. Your might be thinking of Novus #2 which is a scratch remover. We use Denatured everyday of the week to help clean acrylic that may have a residue left on it.
Listen to what Valleyplastic says, he's a professional in his field and has assisted me many times and always 100% on target!
Agree with Valleyplastic that Novus #1 is a very good product. Comes in a pump spray bottle and is fragrance-free (hooray). I use on all my plexiglass stuff and dry and polish with a clean microfiber towel.