Acoustic Zen upgrade?

I currently have the AZ Satori speaker cables in my system and I'm very happy with their performance. They portray a tonal and timbre rightness that is very pleasing to my ears. I was thinking about upgrading in the AZ line. I have it narrowed down to two choices, either the Double Barrel or the Absolute. My speakers are the Reference 3A Dulcet mini-monitors( these are bi-wireable which I've found to sound better). These speakers are time and phase-aligned and would like suggestions from other members who have a time and phase-aligned speaker( any manufacturer). I realize that this narrows the field a bit as far as participants to answer my question, but this is my intention as I'd like to hear from phase and time-aligned speaker owners only) My amplification is a pair of VAC Musiblocs. Has anyone had a chance to seriously audition the two AZ cables in their own systems after having lived comfortably with the Satori? Thanks for your suggestions.
Sherod, my system is very different then yours, but I'm a great fan of Acoustic Zen wires and run them almost totally in my setup.

I went from Satori to the Absolute wires and posted a review here on the GON with details regarding the Absolute IC's and speaker wire that will provide at least some of the information that you are looking for. Hope you find it some what helpful.
Thanks Teajay for the info. Yes, I read your review of the Absolute and I'm glad that you are enjoying them. I'll take into consideration the differences that you heard.