Acoustic Solid solid wood turntable

I am considering to buy Acoustic Solid solid wood turntable, but cannot decide to choose the aluminium or POM platter, any user view ? Thank you.
I own an Acoustic Solid Wood turntable with the 60mm aluminum platter.
I'm happy with this set-up using a Tri-Planar arm and Air Tight cartridge.
The combination of the acrylic and leather mats result in a very inert platter. The relatively heavy platter has given me reliable, consistent speed. Hope this helps...
Dear Papermill,
Thank you very much for the swift response. Your reply has enhanced my confidence to choose this turntable. May I know how long you have used it ? No trouble ? I ask this question because I heard one of the local dealer here said the motor of Acoustic Solid break down easily . I do not know how true is this statement because he is not selling this brand but sells his own brand of turntable. BTW, I intend to match it with Origin Live encounter and Ortofon Cadenza blue. I listen to Classical, jazz ,vocal and various type of music. Does this combination match. I am new to analogue system, your opinion please.
Well, a quick response, and then, not quite another.... been busy....
I've owned the Acoustic Solid for about three years with almost daily usage. No issues with the motor. I can't really comment in regards to your arm/cartridge setup because I'm unfamiliar with both. Prior to my Tri-Planar/Air Tight combination, I used the Ortofon arm supplied at purchase and a Shelter cartridge. The upgrade was very noticeable and extremely positive. Be sure to be provided the correct arm-board for your arm. Good luck!
Dear Papermill,
I am so sorry to miss out your last reply on reliability of AS turntable, and thank you very much to share further. Since you had used it for about three year and no issue with the motor, I believe the comment from our local dealer who does not sell AS turntable is merely false accusation . Anyway, to get a new AS Solid wood turntable here, I am told by local distributor I must wait for 3 months from the time I place the order with full payment first. I cannot afford to wait, so I bought Scheu Analogue Das Laufwerk No.1 with Origin Live Illustrious tonearm, Ortofon Cadenza Black. I am happy with my combination. IMHO, the soundstage is wide and deep, accurate tone, transparent,well balance spectrum, lively and quiet, overall is very musical . BTW, Acoustic Solid Solid wood turntable will be my top choice if I were to setup my second system in future. Just for sharing only.