Acoustic Revive Triple C RCa's vs Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2


I would like to upgrade my current RCA cales (Audio Quest King Cobra).

I can't decide between the Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 or the Acoustic Revive Line-1.0r Triple C Fm

I would order them directly from Japan in 1 meter length for a similar price 173usd for the Oyaide and 201usd for the Acoustic Revive.

My current set up goes as following:

Dekstop PC-->Oyaide Continental 5S USB cable--->Alldaq galvanic USB isolator and reclocker-->Cardas/Sonore USB adapter--->Khadas Toneboard--->AQ King Cobra--->Decware Taboo Mk III--->Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart headphones.

I seriously can"t decide -.-

Any advice? Could i allocate my budget somewhere else for a bigger improvement soundwise?

Thanks a bunch!
Listen to Synergistic Research. Whatever you can find new or used within your budget.
Well the only ones from that brand are the Core IC that fit my budget, and i think they are way inferior than the japanese ones. 

Used i found the  Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope but seems like an older model.

Why are you recommending them?