Acoustat speakers

I would greatly appreciate if anybody could tell me where would be a good source for finding information on the best models of Acoustat speakers - i.e. the "+" series and other models such as the 3300, 4400 and 6600. Thanks, Steve Lewis Vancouver,BC
Steve, the Spectra Series you mentioned, the 2 + 2's, the Model 4's and Model 8's are all sensational. They share the same type of sound and vary primarily in the amount of bass response and size of sound stage produced. I use the Model 8's with a Velodyne ULD 15, wonderful sound! Ed
If you like the 2+2, and have a big room, try the 4's. The bass response is the best fullrange panel I have heard, perhaps with the exeption of Tympanis (which are much more difficult to work fullrange). A decent 50W amp can make lots of pleasure with the 4's, when you need a much better 100W amp to drive the 2+2's. The main problem with 4's is the dynamic (like most planar speakers), but they are better than 2+2. I have not heard the models 6 and 8, but they must be very fine if you live in a castle or similar large room...(how can you get good soundstaging with these monsters?) Arve
Try Roy was employed by them,and has forgotton more about acoustats,than most people will remember. A fountain of knowledge o Acoustat
Go to

and choose the first alphabetical's choice..

For me the better one is the 2+2 (+Medaillon transfo)